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5 Powerful Feng Shui Principles You Can Use Immediately In Your Home

5 Powerful Feng Shui Principles You Can Use Immediately In Your Home

To improve your life through Feng Shui, it is imperative that you follow the guidelines of balance and harmony that are at the root of Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui, the universe is composed of three components. Every living being, every plant and every object is supposed to represent one of these three element which are Yin, Yang and Chi. Yang is male in nature where as Yin is female in nature. Together Yin and Yang are two forces which are responsible in creation and sustenance of all living and non-living objects on earth. Chi is the force that is created through the natural interplay of Yin and Yang.

Chi (or positive energy) should always be able to flow freely through any space in order to help us being in balance with the elements surrounding us. Chi is what brings us what we desire in life and allows us to be prosperous. Chi is based on the natural energy exchange which exists among everything on earth.

Get Started And Implement These Powerful Yet Simple Tips Learning about feng shui takes time, and there are very many principles to follow. That said, bringing positive energy into your home is relatively easy and can involve only a few simple adjustments.

Here are 5 powerful tips to get you started.

1. You should never crowd furniture. Each piece of furniture should have space around it to allow chi (or good energy) to flow freely.
2. Never place beds, chairs, sofas or desks right across or with their back towards the main door. You and your guests should never positioned with your back right across the entrance door.
3. Do not concentrate too much of one energy in one place. Your house should balance fire, water and metal to be in balance, you should avoid placing to much fire, earth or wood in one area.
4. Do not position elements in opposition to one another. For example a fireplace or stove should not be across from a wash basin, fish tank or toilet. The clash between fire and water will cause disharmony in the house.
5. Illuminate dark corners since they concentrate too much negative yin energy. Place a light or a plant in shadowy areas to disperse the darkness and allow chi energy to flow into the space. Incorporating the principles of Feng Shui into your home is sure to help you better balance your life.

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