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Phone: 718-612-7851
(Wellness Center: New York, USA)

Yoganna Bliss

Yoganna is a Certified Life Coach specializing in Spirituality, health, career, growth, and relationships. If you are looking for an Mentor to help you attain your goals and success in life, Yoganna is the person you are searching for.

If you want to jumpstart your career or wanting to acquire a much-coveted promotion at work, she can assist you in achieving your goals.

Yoganna can also help you improve the quality of your relationships and attain a harmonious and blissful union.

You want to improve your health and well-being? Yoganna can also help you not just be physically fit but also to determine the root cause of various illnesses. She will teach you that the key to good health stems from cultivating a positive attitude and also having a healthy spiritual life.

Yoganna is also an Iridologist, a Reiki Healing Master, NLP Practitioner, and is also a Certified Raindrop Technique. Being an expert Iridologist, she can help diagnose possible health risks and help prevent further damage to the different body systems by recommending early treatment to individuals through the iris of your eyes which can reveal the condition of your health and various symptoms of illnesses.

She also went to the Ohashiatsu Institute based in New York and the Executive Editor of “Panaceum" Health and Success Magazine, an international health, wellness, and success magazine which caters to her various clients across the globe. You can check out and avail her different products and services in her magazine which includes:

Power of Transformation
1. Healing Sessions
2. Intuitive Readings
3. Astrology Predictions
4. Decision Guidance
5. Life Coaching 
6. Iridology Consultations

Among Yoganna’s specializations include the following:
A Certified Astrologist, Yoganna uses Western and Vedic Astrology. She is also an expert in Intuitive Readings, Numerology, Silva Meditation, among other effective methods.

Yoganna possesses a proven track record of professional experiences and is always highly recommended by her loyal clients to their families and colleagues.

She has travelled to over 20 different countries which include India, China, Hongkong, England, Stonehenge, the Philippines where she met fellow Psychic Healers, Brazil, Cuba, among others.

Armed with these diverse specializations, Yoganna uses her special gifts in order to help individuals lead better lives they have been dreaming of. She uses their own strategies to achieve desired positive results.

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