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A blockage of the aura or energy channels is at the root of all illnesses. Therefore, everything that happens at the emotional and mental level has specific energy-related effect in the etheric body, which in turn affects the physical body.


Know Your Future 

Yoganna specializes in Intuitive Readings, runic signs and numerology. She is also a parapsychologist with the talent of reading the past, present and future from TAROT cards.


* The Effect of the Cosmos on Human Destiny *

Astrology is an art which relies on the ability to interpret the effects of the universe. It enables us to explore the human personality based on numerical information,...


Your Decisions Shape Your Life

There is nothing more important than knowing how to make a correct decision. Every decision you make impacts your life – the little ones don’t seem to be important but their impact sneaks up as they begin to add up.


* Healthy Eyes - Healthy Body *

Iridology - involves a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s health, based on the appearance of the eye, particularly the iris. It can determine predisposition to certain diseases and the location of a pathological process in the body.


Yoganna: Life Coach who will help you transform Into the Person You’ve always Dreamed of

Are you searching for a life coach who will help you change the direction of your life from being burdensome to being blessed with abundance in all areas?


Therapeutic radiesthesia, or medical radiesthesia, as this domain of radiesthesia is ever more commonly being termed, deals with the analysis and therapy of human health. At the beginning of the 20th century,...


Tarot: Yoganna helped me in Tarot reading in situation I was helpless.
I am glad I came to visit her, so I found my right path in life.


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